Little Black Girls Bleed Blue

Little black girls bleed blue in summer time
when the air is sticky
and the water cool splashes against you skin
The faint sounds of ice cream trucks echoes in your ear
playing until the streetlights come on
one, then two, then five light up
like the body count of little black girls found lying against the cracked concrete
wishing upon stars with their eyes closed
and their lips pursed in a forever prayer

Little black girls bleed blue in autumn
when the leaves are crisp, crunch under your feet
Dogs follow you to the bus stop
pleading for you not to get on
to stay on this side of town
Pleats in your school skirt ripple
in the breeze
cardigan pulled tightly across your chest
Hands full of treats, of penny candy and cakes almost as sweet
as the sound Momma makes
when she takes your face in her hands
and memorizes the way your lips curl into a smile

Little black girls bleed blue in winter
with snow covering your busy town like white blankets
like the neighborhood patrol cars
that slowly pass you
With your head all bundled up
and bow bows tucked away
Snow peaked mountains
lie before you
as you conquer them
with peals of laughter
Hot cocoa
fills your system
matching the hue of your skin
Eyes twinkling with delight
At the expense of Momma
Daddy setting up the tree
Your letter, sits on the table
next to cookies 

Little black girls bleed blue in springtime
Where pastel colors fill the aisles of the church
and white lace wrapped around ankles
with silk ribbons tied to hair
Pictures of bunnies
and Jesus made one with a cross
and candy filled baskets
make you catch the holy
of sugar filled nights
and sun filled mornings
and the echoes of of the ice cream truck haunting your mind

Little Girls bleed blue
In Summer
In Winter
Little black girls bleed blue
All year round

Hey y'all, my name is Lanise Beavers, born & raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a lover of poetry, music, and all things black. For me, poetry is a way to express how I feel about myself, my feelings, others, and this world we reside in. It's my safehaven, my heaven, and my hell all wrapped into one. I hope you enjoy my work. 

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