Practice makes better. From January 15th to December 31st of 2018, I wrote at least 5 poems a week. What you see below are excerpts from each piece. Sometimes it's hard to decide what part of the poem to share, either because it's that good, or it's that bad. But in this case, done was > perfect, & there's something to be said for posting your work in its rough, fresh-off-the-press form.

Yet the dopest part of this series isn't even the sheer volume of (sometimes terrible) writing that I had to endure--it’s the perspective and position I now have to see how my writing has transformed overtime. The first time I attempted this, I stopped--for no good reason--at No.74. But the second time, the second time around was a success. I overcame the resistance every creator feels when treating their craft professionally, instead of always waiting, amateurishly, for passion & inspiration to strike. I wagered my artistic reputation against my sloth & busyness. My inner poet won, and I can live to tell the tale. This is my #PoemADayChallenge.