MM: Go Win.

 You will never feel like it. You might get hits of inspiration here and there, but the things you’ll have to do to succeed--those mind-numbing tasks that make you want to dive from a cliff--you will never feel like doing them. So in that sense, there’s no difference between starting now or in 2020. Only difference is the amount of the time you waste. 

If it’s not easy today, it won’t be any easier when you start in August. It’s okay to not be a natural at something. It’s okay to be clueless. There is help and information out there--you just need to honestly want it. Stop looking for the way out and start looking for the way through. The end of the maze is where the celebration is at, but the maze itself is where the joy resides.

That's all easier said than done, but you must do away with this obsession with ease. We must wed difficulty. Assume that if it’s easy, it’s probably ruining you--your passion, your muscles, your growth. If you don’t regularly feel the reality of your weakness or need or helplessness, you’re doing it wrong. So learn how to squirm your way to the finish line. Learn how to walk with a bruised, bleeding ego. You wouldn’t respect a hero who never faced any real, overwhelming adversity. So why do you want to win without hardship? Is that even winning?

All the reasoning, planning, and information is already there. You already know how to accomplish your goals, and if you don’t, you know ways to find out how. You know what needs to be done. You cannot let your emotions and whims master you. Fight until you win. Pray without ceasing. No one said win without bleeding. Just win. Live this life well. Love your way to the finish line. That’s all that matters. Win the right way. Win like you know He’s already won the battle for you. Win like you know you can’t lose. 

As long as you’re fighting, long as you’re grinding, and walking, and looking forward, you’ve won. 

Go win.

Photography by Deborah Raji Photography.