What is the Journey to Becoming?

We don’t fight for the W, but we fight from the W.
— KB, I Believe

Work, grind, fall, rise, keep going, fall, rise again, drink some water, reflect, sleep, then keep going. That’s my journey to becoming. But what does that mean? What am I becoming? 

A journey usually ends with a destination--it’s kind of the whole point, to get somewhere. So you would think a journey to become “x” would make more sense than a journey to becoming. But I’ve realized my life is the playground of paradox and seeming contradiction. But that’s alright, because that’s exactly what I prefer to be. A walking contradiction--blunt and direct, but massively sensitive to how I make others feel. Careful, observant, and always prepared, but impulsive, intuitive, and always improvising. When the two ends of the spectrum come together, it looks like balance. It looks like wisdom. 

I’m on a journey to becoming because this journey won’t end. I’m pulling from both sides, which means I’ll always be honing and sculpting myself further and further into the person I have the audacity to believe I can be. That’ll be my story 10 years from now, 30 years from now, 50 years from now, God willing. 

The trick is: in my mind, I’m already there. I’ve already become the beast I was made to be. 

So now, I make the climb. Now I reveal, every day, little by little, a fuller, clearer image of who I really am. Without pretense. Without feeling the pressure of the world on my shoulders, because, to be fair, ultimately nobody cares. And they shouldn't.  And that's liberating. I have all the grace I will ever need. The blueprint is already set. All that’s left is the execution, the game. The win is already confirmed. Now it’s time for me to learn and experience first hand what winning looks like. 

This is my journey to becoming. This is my ring, and my playground, and my court, and my classroom.

Let’s get this work.