No.205: Bet the Bag on You


There are two kinds of people
in this funny world:

those that try to control everything and everyone
in the name of good intentions,
and those who happen to find their freedom of choice sacred.

If you are the former,
I promise. Nobody likes you.
Stop it.

If you are the latter,
no action is without consequence.
You would do well to remember that.
You would do well to fight back.
Draw your weapon.
Spare no one--no family, no friend,
no pastor, no boss, no well-meaning peon
offering opinions without context--
let there be no end
to the havoc you wreak
on anyone or anything
that tries to conform you,
to move your body,
mind, spirit, soul, and emotion
without your consent.

And if you lose your step,
or cut the side of your leg,
if their systems and cultures and powers press down on you like a brand,
stand up anyway.

I'm talking to myself.
Cause it'll be a subzero day in Hell
before I let someone else
beyond Yahweh Himself
dictate to me
who I am,
who I oughta be,
what I need,
or how I should think.

I'd rather chop off my hands and feet
and live in a ditch for all eternity
than let someone with a false sense of authority
live my life for me.

I think it's time we bet the bag on ourselves.

Cover Photo by Andi Whiskey on Unsplash