No.166: Born a Savage.


My biggest mistakes
have always been
disrespecting my game,
staying on defense,
like a needy codependent,
waiting for someone else
to help me become
who I've always been
since the day I was born.

No more.
The seal is broken. 
The beast is loose.

I thought I needed you.
So He stripped away every excuse,
every lie, every crutch, everybody
until there was nothing left
but the proof. 
The juice
that has always been in me,
rolling its eyes,
fatigued from the permission seeking,
waiting for me to go back to God
and jump without blinking.

One shot. One kill.
I was born a sniper. A savage.
I'm hardwired to combust if I reduce myself to anything less.

Bring me your worst. 
‘Better yet. bring your best.
I was born again with the 6:11 armor.
I just need a target.
I don't need the defense.

--No.166: Born a Savage

Cover Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash