No.182: Don't Let Go.


This adult thing ain’t for the faint of heart.
Every step forward claims a cost.
Every major battle is won in the dark.
You don’t win this game with brawn or brains,
just a little faith, a little common sense, a goal,
and a choice to learn from your mistakes.

I can see now — 
it isn’t pain that kills us.
It’s our obsession with avoiding it.
It isn’t true victory we want,
but to be intoxicated with emotion,
to drown in happiness,
to starve the soul if it means 
our bodies feel good and our minds can feed us 
sweet tales of control.

I’ve learned — and am still learning — that
this adult thing will let you drop if you let go.
The Matrix will welcome you if you let go.
Wisdom will release her desperate grip if you let go.

Don’t let go.

Cover Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash