No.119: Go 'Head. Rig the Deck.


They tell me to find the silver lining in my suffering,
as if behind all the fecal matter
are diamonds and amethyst.
They tell me it builds character,
but my eyes are stuck on the callouses. 
They tell me to bear. 
They tell me it's just a couple months. 
A couple years. A couple decades. 
A couple lives.
They've missed the point. 

I wanna get lost outside of time.
They tell me "if I play my cards right,"
I tell ‘em not to rig the deck.

But even when they do,
I take my cards and place my bets.
'Cause it may not be what I want,
but in the end, I'll cherish every chance I get
to flex my God genes and
dance on rock bottom's head.


Cover Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash