No.232: Her Body is Hers.


I hope I never have a daughter.
‘Cause I’m too pretty for prison.
And I know that if I ever met — if I ever got wind of — 
a nigga with balls big enough
to touch my daughter without her permission,
I would use his severed genitalia as propaganda
right before I kill him.

I would look at the shock in his sockets
right before I punched his eyes in,
break bones he didn’t even know existed,
then call an ambulance for the kid,
cut the dumbass up right before I gut him,
then walk away and let him bleed out
as he hopes to God for assistance.
I would call back, tell them nevermind, I was just kidding,
and let the waste of a Y chromosome feel himself fade from existence.

You probably think I’m kidding,
or that this language is inappropriate for a Christian,
but to all you goofy ass niggas playing God with the bodies of women — 
I bet my soul
you will know justice.
You will do everything your pulse affords you to fix what you have broken,
and you will beg for forgiveness until her silence shatters you,
because you will try
and you will find out
that you cannot fix what you have permanently stolen.
And when she forgives you,
it will not be enough,
you will crumble beneath the weight of yourself, and you will know emptiness
before God’s grace finds you.

And if, on the other hand,
you are so utterly broken that you continue to be a monster,
I wait with all my soul for God to find you.
And remind you
with all manner of prejudice
that the sovereignty of her body is not up for debate.
You ain’t the King, and this ain’t challenge day.

Her body is not an object of conquest,
or a quick means of release when you get horny.
Her body is not a pit stop for your boner.
Her body is not a fetish or a trend.
Her body was never meant for fallen man.
When she says no,
my nigga take the L and ghost.
Her body is not an entitlement.
Her body is not yours to play with. 
Her body is not yours.
Her body is hers.
Her body is the Lord’s temple.
Her body is a treasure with cosmic clarity and divine presence, and yet,
she is eternally more than her body.

Know this before you play yourself and get bodied 
by a wrath that you can’t hide from.
Some of y’all niggas lack proper sense and home training.
It would be in your best interest to find some.
‘Cause there are men of God on this earth
who don’t take that goofy shit so lightly.

Cover Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash