No.196: If Life Was Fair...You Wouldn't Be Here.


Once, my mom told me
life wasn't fair.
So I concluded that life was broken.
I was a kid.

But now,
I'm a kid with bills.
I've settled my deals with the devil
(ya'll refer to him as credit),
I've climbed out the hole,
but I've dug myself others,
and now I know
that if I wait for life to treat me fairly
before I choose to live,
I'll be a walking corpse until eternity hits.

if life was fair,
objectively speaking,
none of us would exist.

What is my point, exactly?
It is what it is.

Fate & freedom collide,
empires fall,
but champions rise
no matter the cost.

Are we pawns
or gods?
In charge
or lost?
Is there a point to this pain
or has the point already been paid?
Are we here to play
or to find our personal crusade?
Maybe it's both.
Maybe neither.
Maybe I'm overthinking.

Maybe we're the monsters underneath our own beds.
Maybe this rollercoaster never meant to bring existential dread.
Maybe it's just a ride.
You can close your eyes.
Or you can fling your arms
and have a good time.

You will die.
It is what it is.
But before that time,
you decide
if the unfairness of life
is a gift, a game, or a gun.
Whichever one you choose,
just make sure you know
you had a choice.

Cover Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash