No.169: Logician's Dilemma


I shiver at the thought that my sphere of influence
could be deemed negligible
the day I fade from this world.
But what keeps me up at night is worse,
is the thought
that I am little more than an annoyance to be ignored,
a fluorescent light stinging the blind awake at night.

What I mean is
I'm more raspberry lemonade than pink,
I aim to be more incandescent,
relentless, but sweet.
What I mean is
I wanna hit you upside the head with the truth
and set you free,
without leaving you concussed.
But there's this beast I carry,
and it tends to not give a fuck so,

we'll see what happens.

No.169: Logician’s DIlemma

Cover Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash