No.224: Thank You.


Maybe it says something about our country
that we only dedicate one day a year
to giving thanks
for the dumbfounding amount of abundance we have.

Black Friday sales began two days early this time around.
This time, I’ve been told to crave more
even before I give thanks.
But this time, I spend Thanksgiving cognizant
of the 15-year old girl who will walk 7 miles today, by herself,
to get clean water to drink.
This time around, I don’t have many cliche holiday greetings in me,
because this time around,
unlike every other time I’ve ignored Your tug on my consciousness,
I have the humility to see
that I could thank You till my lungs lose their capacity to breathe
and still not comprehend just how much Your love has covered me,
has covered us,
how Your mercy never gives up.

But even in my inadequate praise,
Your grace is enough.
So instead of posturing, I will keep in mind
just how great You are,
just how much we have,
just how little we deserve,
and say Thank You, Abba Father.
Thank You.

Cover Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash