#PoemADay No.40: The Cavalry Has Arrived.


Sugar, spice, and a thing for Christ, 
a bit of dark inside,
a little shimmer to blind,
a piece of bread,
a sip of wine,
an itch to relate,
a compulsion to create,
a tendency towards faith,
the eyes of a rebel,
the mind of a young sage,
the heart of a pacifist warmonger,
and a dash of agape-sized grace to last you the rest of your days--

what you are about to witness, my friend, 
are the ingredients of a knight.


Last Friday marked the official launch of a vision that's been two years in the making--a creative collective of artists determined to glorify God with the talents and passions He's given us. We're still getting ourselves together, but check out our site and if you have creative work you're itching to show the world, or a skill set you want to contribute, or just want to show a little love, leave a comment or hit us up!

We got more projects in store for you, but in the meantime, stay blessed, keep it 100, and enjoy this introduction: