No.93: The Wolf Howling Maranatha


Don't call us the future.
Don't call us tomorrow's leaders. 
I am not the janitor of your generation. 
I am the Reaper.
I am the ghost of your past
glazed in ebony with a pen and a pad
and a burning vengeance poured through an agape filter.
I am the big, red emergency button you were warned to never press, 
I am midnight, like they said, 
the plague of death--
my only respect is the blood's lamb,
you were warned.
I was born with a sword,
with more omen than prophecy,
I am not the future.
I am its invitation. 
I am not tomorrow's leader.
I am the rival. M'Baku and T'Challa. 
The wolf howling Maranatha. 
The man with infinite questions and only one answer.
His name is I Am.


Cover Photo by Matias Rengel on Unsplash