#PoemADay No.74: Things I Wish I Craved More


The Lord's presence. A dinner more complex than Raisin Bran or Chex. Discipline. A smile on my mother's face. A rapper's soul--I've been told I got a way with words and the flow is cold. Common sense, emotionally speaking. A world where my actions didn't lag 2 years behind my wisdom. Something to replace this anger--my bag is too bottomless. A fuck to give about how my standards make you feel. A relationship built on something stronger than the heat in our genitals. Meditation. Alcohol. Financial freedom. A normal life. The moment during a sweaty workout that actually feels good. Sleep. Greens. Peace (commonly confused with passivity). Jesus.

--No.74: Things I Wish I Craved More


Photo by Michael Heuss on Unsplash