#PoemADay No.44: Things That Matter More Than Being Right


They say wise men are scarce with their words.
So I guess I have failed at wisdom.
I mean I try,
but there are too many why’s on my lips,
too many beats beneath these ribs to ignore the foolery around me.
What I mean is:
if it’s broken,
and you sense the fix,
but choose not to address it,
what is your purpose really?

What good is a wise man
who walks past a blind man
and tells him to watch where he’s going?

I grew up asking God for wisdom--
I wanted to be treated like an adult.
I have changed my mind.
Let me smile like the kids.
I want to wipe the dust off my knees when I fall
and run right back into the mix
like I was made for this,
made with sugar, spice, and audacity. 

Who am I to be judge and jury anyway?
I don’t need to flaunt my theories.
I just need the heart of a child,
to clean up
with a song
and find
what is mutual between us,
to help wherever is needed,
because more than wisdom, Lord,
I want to be useful.


Cover Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash