No.147: Today.


Yesterday we cried, we fought, 
we bled, we lost, 
almost drowned in ourselves, 
we took a bite and the fall was long,
the pride didn't catch us before we hit the ground
like it promised to,
we didn't level up like the serpent said we would,
yesterday we tried to be good,
and we failed,
we turned cities to ash,
we killed the Son of God and we laughed it off,
we limped away like monsters in pain,
we limp every day with a smile on our faces
to look put-together in the eyes
of all the other monsters--odd.

Yesterday we died,
yesterday we were dead,
but three days after death,
He put centuries of questions to bed
and broke open Hell
from the inside,
so tomorrow 

we rise,
tomorrow we walk down the aisle
as a cosmic bride
and stomp the devil in the final fight,
tomorrow we break generational chains,
one prayer at a time,
tomorrow we grind and fast, 
but today,

today we dance. 
Today we get seven hours of sleep
‘cause the future will bring its own problems with its own plate of worry.
So today we eat till our stomachs tap out,
today we sing in the shower,
we make art, 
we make life,
we make friends,
make our demons doubt,
make laughter that spreads,
forget everything we learned to complain about,
today we forget
everything that stops us from remembering
why we are here,
why the dust was given breath,
today we loosen the shackles just a little bit more
and count every blessing dripping from the crown of our heads.
Today we toast to a King who cheated death
and drink till we're drunk on Him.
Today we believe.
Today we live.


Cover Photo by Evie Shaffer on Unsplash