No.225: Why I Always Gotta Be Right


Once upon a couple of times,
I’ve been asked — exclusively by women of the emotional type — 
why I always have to be right.

Like clockwork, I clarify 
that there is a difference between 
one who speaks like he is correct and will have it no other way, 
and one who actually knows what he is saying.
There is the one who argues to win,
and then there’s the one who argues to bring clarity
because the other was wrong from the beginning. 

So when she asks why
I always need to be right, 
I’ll let her know the need isn’t personal,
I’ll let her know the quest to seek, find, and follow
what is right
is the only reason my body is breathing.
I’ll let her know that, unlike her, I need to be right, not for my ego, 
but for my people, 
because, if I’m not shedding light
where the darkness waits and creeps,
then why
am I speaking?

Cover Photo by CloudVisual on Unsplash