No.188: Would You?


have you ever asked God for something 
and, after receiving what you so persistently nagged for,
wondered why
in Jesus’ name
you ever thought to ask 
for such a thing?

have you ever wondered 
why we spend more time trying to change then we spend simply 

have you ever called yourself a hypocrite?
what did you do next?

have you ever read a text,
replied in ya head,
typed up the words,
vetoed your send,
and left the poor soul on read?

have you ever pressed down on the pedal
as soon as you saw the yellow light?
Almost like 
you tried to get it in one last time 
before He tried to make you all righteous and ish, 
only to watch the light turn red and realize
your foot said, “green,”
and made up its mind
to make you King?

have you ever asked
who are we
to cause millennia of grief
and still be saved,
still offered grace,
and a flick to the face
like a major key to our peace?

what would happen 
if you made eye contact 
with the Kings of Kings?
what would you say
if He asked for your name?

would you be ashamed?
would your lips be late?
would you plead your case?
would you plead His name?
would you run away?
would you run away?
would you run away?
would you run away?

from yourself,
would you run?
from death,
would you run?
if He called,
would you come?
from life,
would you run?
with your feet,
would you run?
with your mouth,
would you run?
with your cuts,
would you run?
would they run you?
do they hunt?
the Lion of Judah hunts too.
if He said He loved you,
would you come?
would you love back?
would you front?
would you make the jump?

if He called you son,
would you freeze?
would you heal?
are you weak?
are you tired?
do you need?

if He came as your groom
after He saw your wounds,
if He washed your feet, knowing
they would march to Calvary the next day
to watch His execution,
if He put a dove on your shoulder,
if He claimed to be the solution,
the One and only,
if He saw you in the corner 
desperate, disgusting, selfish, bloody,
and still called you His crown piece,
would you agree?
would you see it?
would you believe?
would you?

Cover Photo by Christoph Schmid on Unsplash