You Must Breathe.


How many times can a soul fight itself
Before it withers?

Come hither, little one.
We need to talk, we need to run,
Those who pursue us won’t cease
Until our decimation is done.
Come here, little one, 
You must prepare for what is to come.
This world is full of darkness,
But if you can walk in it,
There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Come here, little one,
Face your demons.
Your reflection is something you can’t hide from.
I know you hate what you see.
I know how ugly you feel.
I know you try and try to look perfect, 
To look like something they will accept,
I know your spirit is tattered with regret,
I know you will be anyone except yourself
If it pleases them. If it makes them see you.
If it makes them care.

Steady yourself, little one.
You have scattered yourself everywhere
In your attempts to be, please, and be seen by
Open your eyes and let your tears flow
So you can see with clarity
What you have become.

Hear me, little one,
They cannot love you if you become
Someone else to gain their love.
Witness their hatred, their disgust, distrust,
Their lust, their judgment,
As it chokes and boils your lungs.
To them, you will never be enough.
I know it hurts, but you must be strong. 
You must be who you are. 
You must breathe.

Because you are not what they want,
But you are what they need.


Cover Photo by Curtis Potvin on Unsplash