No.153: 50 Shades of Sin


Little Johnny got caught watching porn last night.
He the reverend's son.
Mama walked in on him, unprepared, in denial, speechless
so she started speaking in tongues.

Reverend gone preach tomorrow bout the menace of lust,
tomorrow morning Reverend gone front
like he ain't got a premium membership with Porn Hub--
is every sin the sinner's fault?
Johnny's demons got passed down from pops.

But mama still speaking in tongues,
still pleading the blood.
Nowadays, she looks at him with disgust,
silently, ever so slightly, 
she thinks this generation is lost,
she calls her sisters, you know,
the ones who love to talk, 

and together they crucify their husbands for sport, 
they talk and talk
about that colleague that “desperately” needs God, 
the kid that only got promoted because he knows the boss, 
the new woman in church with the low cut top, 
the bougie altos, the deacon's wife, their kids' girlfriends' moms, 
and she wonders why little Brittany always in drama, 
leaving broken friendships behind her like a gossiping warmonger,
why the girl stay in the bathroom staring at herself for so long--
is every sin the sinner's fault?

Is every demon a new problem?
Are the drunks and prostitutes the only ones
that need deliverance?
We all addicted,
our pills just shaped different.
Thousands of spots stain our mirrors.
Only monsters pretend to be angels. 

No.153: 50 Shades of Sin


Cover Photo by Shalone Cason on Unsplash