No.154: Come Correct.


Underdogs are never really underdogs,
just titans in secret.
They should’ve told you my calm and quiet
ought not to be mistaken
for sheepish ways or respect for people.
Don’t misunderstand, the Lord is my shepherd,
but He gave me wolf genes.
I’m a proper heathen turned humble beast,
so if you see me still when surrounded by loud sheep,
just know it’s ‘cause I cook my food before I eat.

Which is probably why you think
you and I are the same.
But I assure you
we playin’ the same game at different speeds.
You underestimate me
like a rain cloud waters a seed,
like a baby learns to breathe — 
unknowingly, and without effort.

Don’t be fooled by my age,
I eat like a king.
I study the greats,
but I see they didn’t warn you about me
so let the kid be the one
to set your scratching record straight.

They should’ve told you
not to underestimate this imago Dei.
‘Cause by the time you recognize my face,
I assure you

it’ll be too late.

 — №154: Come Correct.


Cover Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash