No.136: Door to the Soul


Steal a man's eyes,
and he'll forfeit his future.
I say that in humor,
but rumor has it
this is the era of sex,
the era of death,
I jest,
it ain't that deep,
ain't nothing wrong with a little head--
yikes. Little boy mindset.

But of course I’d say that. I’m a Super-Saiyan Christian
that’s conquered his lustful disposition--oh wait. I forgot.
Never mind. 
You and I and your pops is all suspect.
Guess it’s true what they say--even in the faith, 
we learn from the vets--I mean the best--I mean the reverends--I mean oops, forget what I said,

but in all honesty g,
the nip slip ain't worth ya head
when it aches from the smell of ya flesh roasting in hell--
I'm just playing, that's dramatic.
No need to approach the subject with that much stress.
You gone find that a soul tie is plenty consequence. 

Listen, just look away.
When you go to the game,
and you just tryna watch your friends play in peace,
but the fashion powers that be
seek to train you like a pet,
got you salivating when the bell rings
'cause all you can see are the buns in the sun of her dress,
look away,
when you see too much body on the gram,
look away,
when she touches your neck, 
calls you a snack,
and you got a real one you still haven't texted back, 
my nig, look away, 
swerve her hand,
delete the app,
pluck out your eyes,
take a nap,
open the good book to refill your glass
'cause thirst

is a horrible reason
to run towards the flames. 


Cover Photo by Jiawei Chen on Unsplash