No.144: His Glory Alone.


Wanna spot a restless soul?
Leave him with his mind,
take away his phone.

Ever seen a girl so addicted to herself that she broke?
Or a body so foreign to itself it thought the stress was home?

How many reps does it take to tone an ego?
How many followers it take to forget your people? 

Who gone love when you old, 
when black cracks, and your bones turn feeble?
Who can love you whole
if we too are stuck with all this evil? 
All this me,
center of the galaxy.
You know, conceit
is a bottomless sinkhole.

They say we were like God
before we tried to be Him.
They say we took a bite of destruction
without reading the fine print.
They say that's why, 
even when I'm the most blessed there is,
I need so badly to win.
But everybody else telling me I should be myself, do my thing,
forget what they say, 
‘cause this the age of authenticity.
But have we ever had an age of holiness?

Did we ever get the point?
We are messengers that fell so helplessly in lust
with the sound of our own voice
that we never delivered the message.

Maybe that
is why my soul is so restless.
Because it knows
I was never meant to be
the show.

--No.144: His Glory Alone.


Cover Photo by Alex Alexander on Unsplash