No.239: Silent Knight


Today, Satan whispered into my ear,
just like every other day.
Told me to take life by the neck.
Told me the consequences wouldn’t be 
as deep as the King said.
He made the road to hell easy,
he removed the obstacles.
He told me to enjoy myself.
I told him I don’t talk to fools.

But I called my bluff before he could 
and told myself I am the good
and faithful servant.
I walked past his trap
and fronted like I wasn’t hurting,
but I felt the weight of self-denial yank down on my flesh.
I’ve given in so many times
that resistance feels like death.

But in that moment, he was a fly and I
was a titan.
I reminded myself 
that I don’t have to feel righteous
to be righteous,
and I taught the demon head, once more,
not to trifle with the Lion’s kin,
‘cause even though I slip,
I will always rise.
Even though it hurts,
I will continue to fight.
‘Cause after all, I can’t lose.
I was taught
by El Shaddai.

Cover Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash