No.238: The Bill Comes Due. Part II.


I’m beginning to understand
why the wise keep quiet,
why the lion doesn’t waste violence,
why deity doesn’t defend itself in the face of human pride and
why every error I hear doesn’t need to end in argument.
The Truth is not a damsel in distress.

I thought it was a cliche, but now I know the game — 
the truth always wins.
Maybe not in the way you expect,
and not to feed your hunger for respect,
but the Truth,
that which has already been set
will always come to pass,
even if everyone else says otherwise.

Let folks live their lives.
Their worlds need not bend to yours.
Because in the end, the only battle you need to fight
is the one that asks:
how do you know that what you believe
is true?

The answer to that question will separate the humble from the fools.

—No.238: The Bill Comes Due. Part II.

Cover Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash